PC "Ulyanovsk Research Institute of Aviation Technology and Production Organization" provides services for modeling of various technological processes and structures for dynamic impact in finite element analysis program LS-DYNA (License: customer 1464).

We offer modeling of technological processes in the following areas:

  • Metaforming and metalworking.
  • Automobile manufacturing and passive safety.
  • Explosions, impacts, etc.
  • Other tasks related to dynamic effects.

Calculation of technological processes allows creating optimal schemes of influence during material processing, creating necessary loading configurations and the optimal stress-strain state. Modeling of technological processes using finite element modeling programs is used for the calculation of technological processes.

We can mention the following main advantages of using programs for modeling of various technological processes:

  • Less time is required for technological processes calculation.
  • Development of an optimal or rational technological process.
  • Lesst time is required to put the product into production.
  • Identification of bottlenecks at the design stage when calculating the technological process and finalization of the process at the stage of design works.

So, modeling and calculation of various technological processes is an indispensable tool to reduce the cost of the product and increase its competitiveness.

Use of finite element modeling for engineering and technological calculations allows predicting the behavior of the structure or the object at the design development stage, and in combination with dynamic and strength calculations - determining various parameters of the future technological process and analyzing the entire process long before its actual implementation, which allows significantly reducing the cost of its launch and, consequently, reducing the overall cost of the project.

Our engineering calculations allow determining the following:

  • The stress-strain state of both the strucure itself and the forming (impact, cutting) element at any point of the model and any time interval.
  • Critical, dangerous areas and parts of the model, in which destruction or deformation of the structure may occur.
  • Power, energy, deformation, contact values, when parts of the model interact.

For the purposes of technological processes modeling we use one of the best programs for dynamic calculations - LS-DYNA. The program is used for engineering calculations and calculations of the strength under static and dynamic loads, for the calculation of wave and impact processes, destruction processes, as well as calculations of related problems under power and thermophysical loads taking into account considerable plastic deformations of the material.