Crash test simulation is an integral part of car passive safety testing. It is used by many companies engaged in car design.

Simulation of car crash tests with various types of road fences allows to estimate their impact resistance and energy absorption capacity. In most cases LS-DYNA is used to simulate crash tests.

For the purposes of assessment of required parameters related to road fences and cars, LS-DYNA was used to create finite element models of cars and road fences. A structure consisting of several profiles. And two types of posts were used: channel-type and C-type. Cars were driven at a speed of 24 to 80 km/h and crashed against the road fence.

 Simulation of the process of car crashing against road fences in LS-DYNA allowed to estimate absorbing properties (energy absorption capacity) of the road fences under consideration. It is possible to find the most optimum option when the energy absorption capacity of a road fence is maximum and the mass is minimum by varying the configuration of the road fence and profile sizes.