Today profiles made from round billets of various diameters using rollers of profile bending machines by reduction or drafting are widely used in machine-building and construction.

Due to the fact that most pipe billets are welded, i.e. there is a welded seam, which causes formation of waviness along the axis of the billet, it is necessary to use a correct straightening and levelling unit, which allows to eliminate this defect.

LS-DYNA was used to construct a finite element model of a correct straightening and levelling unit consisting of correct rollers arranged in staggered order at certain distances from each other. LS-DYNA was also used to simulate operation of this unit.


Process simulation in LS-DYNA and trials carried out by Ulyanovsk Research Institute of Aviation Technology and Production Organization Public Company demonstrated that a correct straightening and levelling unit allows to eliminate the waviness defect on billets with a compound cross-section.