February 2018

February 8 and 9 were associated with a review of various scientific studies conducted at Ulyanovsk NIAT JSC and the basic department of Ulyanovsk State Technical University. The 3rd  international practical workshop and master classes on "LS-DYNA in the processes of pressure metal treatment and machining" were held within the framework of the days of science.

The 3rd International Scientific and Production Conference "Innovations in technologies of sheet materials forming and modelling of technological equipment in aviation and other industries" was held on February 8, 2018. New technologies for the processing of sheet materials in the area of roll-formed sections production, bending, forming, and cutting were presented. New achievements in modelling pressure treatment and machining processes were presented as well. The conference was held at basic department "Preforming Technologies" of Ulyanvosky NIAT JSC.

The most interesting reports were as follows:

- Markovtsev V.A. "Features of managing the process of getting parts with a given lengthwise curvature based on the creation of a plastic hinge".

- MichaelBron “Methods of sheet materials ultrasound destructive testing”.

- Mikheev V. А. “Modernization and transfer of the laboratory stretch forming press to software control”.

Ilyushkin M.V. “Modelling of progressive technologies for sheet materials processing and the process of making roll-formed sections using LS-DYNA engineering analysis software”.

Filimonov V.I. “On the new approach to the development of the technology of production of nonsymmetrical sections with stiffeners”.

Baranov A.S. “Development of the technology for the production of checkered facing roll-formed sections “Eurobrus” and “Block-house” using conductive devices”.

Workshop "LS-DYNA for pressure metal treatment and machining" was held on February 9, 2018. The following reports were presented at the workshop:

- Modelling of roll-formed sections manufacturing processes.

- Modelling of sheet-metal forming processes.

- Modelling of cutting processes.

- Modelling of composites and coated materials (based on cohesive models).

Representatives of Ulyanovsk State Technical University, Ulyanovsk State University, and other Russian enterprises attended the workshop.