January 2018

Representatives of Ulyanovsk NIAT JSC took part in scientific and technical conference "University Science under Current Conditions".

The conference was held at the Department of Materials Science and Pressure Metal Treatment of Ulyanovsk State Technical University.

 Alexander S. Baranov, Valeria V. Markovtseva, Maxim V. Ilyushkin presented reports on topics related to the simulation of technological processes:

- Development of a technology of facing roll-formed sections corrugation with a bending and rolling mill using LS-DYNA.

- Development of a technology of cutting by displacement compound cross-section profiles based on finite element modelling using LS-DYNA.

- Study of the manufacture of aluminum alloy profiles by the finite element method with different bending radii.

- Simulation of processes of forming and manufacturing of roll-formed sections using LS-DYNA.

- Study, technological process development and manufacturing of billets from light aluminum alloys by the method of supressed bending.

- Study of contact pressures distribution between the forming rollers and the coated billet during forming.

The high scientific level of the reports and the need to use computer simulation of pressure metal treatment processes in teaching students of the department were noted.