December 2013

Employees of Ulyanovsk Research Institute of Aviation Technology and Production Organization congratulate with all thair hearts A.S. Baranov on the occasion of winning in competition "Engineer of the Year - 2013"

 Head of Scientific and Research Sector - Baranov Alexander Sergeevich became the winner of competition "Engineer of the Year - 2013" in nomination "Engineering Ingenuity of the Young".

Congratulations! Good luck and creative success!

September 2012

Our employees completed a 5-day training carried out by Mhamed Souli and Katharina Witowski specialists and delivered a report on "Use of LS-DYNA for modelling of highly resourceful roll-formed sections manufacturing processes"

Conference "Innovative trends in strength calculation using supercomputers and grid technologies" 

and training workshops


OPTIMIZATION AND ROBUST DESIGN – Instructor Katharina Witowski, Dynamore

March 2012

The following reports were presented at the workshop: New opportunities to solve problems of dynamics and strength in ANSYS Mechanical 14.0, Capabilities of ANSYS Composite PrepPost for modelling of composite materials and structures, Calculation of structures made of composite materials using DIGIMAT software, New capabilities of ANSYS CDF 14.0 to solve hydrodynamic problems.

October 2011

A report on "Modelling of pressure treatment processes and processes of formation of metal profiles of various sections in Ansys/LS-Dyna" was presented at the 9th International Conference of ANSYS Users.

November 2011

Computer-aided technologies for design works and process planning were presented at the forum. Engineering analysis in SolidWorks Simulation module was considered.

may 2011

Report "Mathematical modelling of processes of roll-formed sections manufacturing" was presented at the conference.

April 2011

The program allows to establish a connection with LS-DYNA license code, start, stop and view the solution of the k-file, enter additional parameters to start the program, set privilege levels for various users.

January 2011

Modeling allowed to establish values ​​of deformations along the rift elements of the section, the size of pulling-down and thinning-out of metal along the cross-section of the section

December 2010

Modeling of destruction was carried out with different rivet locations when connected to the car seat slider section. 15 options of fization of the bracket with the slider. The result with the maximum destructive force was chosen

November 2000

Modeling made it possible to determine the shape and number of required technological transitions for the formation of section  "Tube of the car seat frame traverse gear". The need to use a 4-roller equipment was established. The optimal form in terms of transitions to get a high-quality section was selected

4-8 october 2010

Our employees completed a 3-day training carried out by Paul DuBois and Shapiro specialists, and made presentation "Application of LS-DYNA for modeling of processes of metal treatment under pressure".

Conference "Innovative trends in strength calculation using supercomputers and grid technologies" and training workshops.