September 2017

The strategic partnership is aimed at improving the competitiveness and efficiency of the implementation of the main activities of Ulyanovsk NIAT JSC and Ulyanovsk State University.

April 2017

Ulyanovsk NIAT JSC took part in a specialized forum dedicated to numerical simulation - ANSYS 18.

The forum was held on the territory of Zhigulyovskaya Dolina Technopark in the city of Tolyatti, Samara region.

February 2017

Workshop on “Modelling the processes of solids deformation and fracture: modelling of pressure metal treatment and machining processes using ANSYS/LS-DYNA engineering analysis software” was held on February 8.

Engineering and research workers of Ulyanovsk NIAT JSC, students of the Department of Machines and Pressure Metal Treatment of Ulyanovsk State Technical University, representatives of AvtoVAZ JSC (Tolyatti), NIAT JSC (Moscow) and others took part in this workshop.

November 2016

The defense took place at the Dissertation Council of NIAT JSC, Moscow, on November 17, 2016. The subject of the doctoral thesis was "Development of techniques for combined processes of forming, straightening and longitudinal bending for the manufacturing of thin-walled sheet shaped parts of aircraft".

We congratulate Vladimir Anatolyevich on this event!

The 4th international scientific-production conference dedicated to the Day of Russian science

Innovative technologies of sheet materials forming and technological processes modeling in aviation and other industries
7 Feb 2019,Ulyanovsk, Russia

Main topics of the conference

  • Innovative technologies in pressure sheet processing;
  • Advanced structural materials, coatings, nanomaterials;
  • Modeling of technological processes, research, calculation processing of materials by pressure (metalforming, rollforming) and metalworking.

July 2017.

Community LS-DYNA for the engineers

It is intended for users of LS-DYNA

February 2016

The 1st Scientific And Production Conference - Innovations In Technologies Of Sheet Materials Forming And Modelling Of Technological Equipment In Aviation And Other Industries was held at PC "Ulyanovsk Research Institute of Aviation Technology and Production Organization" on the Day of Russian Science - February 8, 2016.

Reports on progressive methods of roll-formed sections manufacturing, processing of composite materials, modelling of metal forming and machining processes by finite element methods.

December 2015

Solemn presentation of awards of All-Russian Competition "Engineer of the Year-2015" was held at the Lenin Memorial on December 3.

Employees of Ulyanovsk Research Institute of Aviation Technology and Production Organization were among its winners.

Deputy Director General in research area "Constrained Bend", Ph.D. in Engineering Science Ilyushkin Maxim Valerievich was awarded in nomination "Professional Engineers". Head of the scientific and research department of the research and production complex Volkov Alexander Alexandrovich was awarded in nomination "Engineering Ingenuity of the Young".

July 2015

 Various video tutorials on working with LS-DYNA are presented on the new website There are both paid and free video tutorials.

February 2015

Basic department "Technologies of Preparation and Forging Production" of Ulyanovsk Research Institute of Aviation Technology and Production Organization was established at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Ulyanovsk State Technical University in January 2015.

September 2014

The purpose of the conference is to find effective ways to solve the following problems:

Numerical modelling  and solving problems in mechanics, dynamics, hydrodynamics, fatigue strength and durability, determination of parameters and consequences of an emergency action.

Use of virtual modelling in the early stages of design.

Analysis and reliability of obtained numerical solutions.

Organization of computing processes and selection of hierarchical modelling using supercomputers, clusters, and grid systems.