Educational activities of PC "Ulyanovsk Research Institute of Aviation Technology and Production Organization" are associated with the Basic Department of Preforming and Forming Technologies of Ulyanovsk State Technical University. Training is conducted in the following areas within the framework of the Department:

- Modeling of technological processes by the method of engineering analysis.

- Adjustment of section bending equipment for the production of roll-formed sections.

- Fundamentals of the theory of metal treatment under pressure.

In addition, special disciplines are studied at the Department, term and bachelor's diploma papers are prepared jointly with the Department for Material Science and Metal Treatment Under Pressure of Ulyanovsk State Technical University in the area of Mechanical Engineering majoring in Machinery and Metal Treatment Under Pressure Technologies.

Experts (postgraduate education at Ulyanovsk State Technical University) in the area of Technologies and Machines for Metal Treatment Under Pressure and Design, Construction and Mnufacturing of Aircraft are trained.

Specialists having higher and advanced education upgrade their skills in Machinery and Metal Treatment Under Pressure Technologies without discontinuing work.